So, if you’ve read my introductory post, you’ll know that I suffered an almost overnight vision loss, which miraculously, after months of pointless scans and tests,  corrected itself somehow and returned my ability to read. Hurrah!

I’ve never been religious – spiritual, maybe – but never could get on board with organised religions which seemed to me to be far more about power and control than peace and tranquillity. Regardless, the act of reading my very first book after almost a year of not being able to read, I had to feel like maybe there was some greater force at work in my life than I had previously known.

I went from not being able to read – to being able to read – in a matter of minutes. What was it that I was reading when I discovered I could read? I had been on a train, only weeks before, when I noticed someone had left a book behind. It was a dog-eared, well used copy of Overeaters’ Anonymous (3rd Edition) guidebook. I took it home with me – I’m not sure why, as I knew I wouldn’t be able to read it – but thought perhaps someone else might benefit from it.

Staring at it on my shelf weeks later I felt compelled to read it, despite believing I wouldn’t be able to, given my visual condition. Regardless, I opened it anyway. Suddenly, I found myself on page 5, then 6, 12, 45. I was reading. Not only was I reading, I felt as though I had truly been part of some kind of miracle.

I’ve long had issues with food, and suffered from a variety of eating disorders over my life. I knew then, at page 45 of this humble book that God – whoever or whatever that was – wanted, needed, me to read this book, and had given me back my sight so that I could. This was a realisation that shocked me to the core, being the not-religious person that I was (am?). At the same time I began to see connections in my world, things that maybe, after all, were the result of that same super-power.

What did I learn from this book? That I needed to start going to OA Meetings. How did my life change from this book? I can’t even begin to describe how this book has changed my world. It may not change yours, but if you’ve ever suffered from an eating disorder, it might just be a place to start.

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