This story came at a perfect time in my life. Feeling rather a bit miserable about my physical condition and my family’s circumstances, this book was just what I needed to give myself a boot up the backside and get over it. 

I was fortunate enough to hear Damien speak at a work function some time ago, so I was aware of his incredible story, from his time as a commando with the Australian Army through to his devastating injuries and his recovery process. Despite knowing the story, the book reinforced for me some valuable lessons about adversity, overcoming obstacles and taking life on with a great big amount of the right kind of attitude.

Anyone with a soul could forgive Damien for this not being the kind of writing you’d normally expect when you fork out your hard-earned cash for a book. Who cares? There’s no need for award-winning literary skills when the story itself stands on its own. This story doesn’t need to be fancy to pack an almighty punch.

The book also makes a particularly poignant point about the way that we, as Australians, take care of our returned soldiers. While there has been some work in this area, people like Damien, and his story, will help to make sure that in future our support for injured military personnel helps them to more fully recover from the unbelievable stuff they’ve seen and experienced. When I heard Damien speak, I recall him speaking highly of the way Americans appreciate their returned service men and women, and encouraged us, his audience for the night, to do simple things, like a simple “thank you for your service”. It’s these thoughts that go a long way to recognising the value these individuals have to the safety and peace of our nation.

Damien is truly an incredible human being. Each time the universe throws the word “no” at him, he responds with what sounds to me like a very strong, but not aggressive, “why the bloody hell not?”


If you’re feeling sorry for yourself, Read his story. If you want to be reminded how strong the human spirit is and can be, read his story. Just read this story.

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