One rainy Sunday afternoon, I procrastinated doing the housework and read instead. I wanted something light and quick, with my intention being to only read for a short time then get back to what I should’ve been doing! I long ago found a full set of Roald Dahl books at a second hand bookshop for a stupidly cheap price so of course I bought them, but never actually got around to reading them. Esio Trot seemed like the perfect fit for the day. Short, relaxed, fun, nothing too heavy. And it was a funny, delightful little book. Cute. A little old man in love with his downstairs neighbour, brought together by a tortoise. 

When I finished that one, I really did mean to get to work, I did, I promise. But you know how it goes, Dear Reader. There’s another book on the shelf, and the first one was so quick, and, well, it’s a rainy Sunday afternoon, and do I really need to empty the dishwasher or clean the bathroom? (Yes, I really did but for just one little moment it was fun to pretend I didn’t). 

So I polished off Fantastic Mr Fox as well. Again, just delightful. Perhaps a little more sinister than Esio, but a fun little flight of fancy anyway. Clever fox decides to rebel against horrible demeaning humans trying to catch him. The catch-me-if-you-can game escalates until Fox has nowhere to go but stay underground, where he builds his own food supply chain using a clever network of tunnels into the humans’ storage sheds. What did I get from it? Don’t be a grumbly horrible human- be a nice one, and be resourceful. Not the deepest of lessons, and not an earth shattering afternoon but it was just what I needed at the time. Something light and flighty and fun to while away an afternoon. 

Monday came and I felt totally snowed under with too much to do. Oops. Totally worth it.