The prize for worst proofread book I’ve ever read goes to this one. Granted, it seems to have been somewhat self-published by a small publishing house, but still. Good freelance proof-readers are everywhere! For a published book, there’s really no excuse.

Aside from my gripes about poor proofreading, this wasn’t a bad read. There seems to be a whole genre of books under the category of ‘famous person who’s had stuff happen who gets someone else to write their story’ but the writing is often the forgotten part of the equation. Great story, who cares about the writing. In the case of Damien Thomlinson- incredible story, you can forgive the writing. This one, a fairly inspiring story, writing too basic and unpolished to be ignored. Sorry.

For those who don’t know, Alex McKinnon is a young rugby league player who suffered a horrific tackle-related injury while playing for the Newcastle Knights leading to him losing the ability to walk. He will never play rugby league again.

I have plenty of empathy for McKinnon. To be cut down in your prime and still come out of it with courage is no mean feat. I’d still encourage anyone familiar with McKinnon’s story to read this book; it gives a good view of his side of the incident, and takes you into the intensive world of rugby league. It is, despite its failings, an inspiring read. McKinnon is brave, and worthy of recognition and empathy for the way he has handled himself in the time since his injury. So it’s certainly not all bad.

I just wish they’d handed this story to someone to write who would’ve given it a bit more of the care it deserves.