I’m officially one fifth of the way there, to my goal of 100 books in one year!

Unfortunately, book 20 was a total disappointment.

As it turns out, there are two books in the world both with the title ‘ Year of Yes’. I was looking in the local library for the one recommended to me – a self-helpy new age, change your life kind of read. Because I searched the library catalogue by title and didn’t check the author, what I got instead was some god-awful chick-lit slush about a girl who doesn’t say no to any romantic approaches by anyone for a whole year. The drug-guy down the road, the passive aggressive, you name it, she said yes to it. Oh boy. Turns out the book I was looking for was ‘Year of Yes’ by Shonda Rhimes, but what I got was ‘THE Year of Yes’ by Maria Dahvana Headley. Don’t let anyone tell you that definite and indefinite articles don’t matter.

Don’t get these two books confused!


I forced myself through it, thinking that maybe at the end of it there would be some great lesson; some poignant moment where you would realise that it had all been leading somewhere. Nup. There is nothing good I can say about this book. It is everything I dislike about chick-lit books all wrapped up into one little parcel. It was a little like Zoe Foster’s Playing the Field where I thought that there was potential at the end of the book to take the non-conservative, perhaps controversial route and give us an opportunity for thought or dialogue or to challenge my thinking, but instead they went the commercially-expected way, to wrap the book in a nice neat non-controversial beige bow. Shame.

What’s the lesson? Be open to new things, even new books, but for goodness’ sake, check the author.