I’m so far behind in my blog posts it’s no longer funny. Actually, maybe it was never funny, but it’s getting to the stage where I can’t remember the book I’m supposed to be writing about because I read it so long ago. Truth is, I’d much rather be reading than writing! I do love writing and I’m trying to get better at it, but reading is far less…hard work!

I’m up to book 19 out of 100 in my blog, but I’ve already gone past half way in the reading. So, so pathetically far behind. I’m sorry. I’m sorry to whoever, if anyone, is out there actually giving a damn.

Anyway, as of now to try to make this much less just another ‘book review’ blog and a bit more about the journey of 100 books, I’m going to include a ‘What’s the lesson’ at the end of each post, where I’ll talk about how the book has affected me, if at all. That ok? I’m trying, dear readers (whoever you are). Really, I am.