So, yay for me! Last week, I reached the magic 100th book. I know, I haven’t posted about a book in ages. It started to feel very formulaic and regimented and to put it bluntly it didn’t feel fun and I just would rather be reading. But I’m still going to keep posting. I’m just going to post a bit more…fluidly. Post about the ideas and authors I’m exploring rather than one post for one book.  

But anyway, I reached 100. To be honest it felt like reaching my goal fell a little flat. Book 100 wasn’t exactly an amazing book, and I sort of hoped it would’ve been a bit more of a non-event book. I’d been keen to read Rosie Waterland’s The Anti Cool Girl for some time so I was glad it turned out to be 100. I enjoyed the journey of the book, but it was a bit depressing. While the book was actually okay, it just wasn’t the right book for number 100. Rosie seems like a pretty incredible and resilient character, and I’m in admiration of her ability to rise above her extraordinary childhood. 

I thought I could redeem it with a newer book, Nicola Moriarty’s The Fifth Letter. I bought this book on a whim (and a pretty decent price) having heard good things about it. I liked the concept but I just felt the whole thing fell a little flat. The writing was fine, the use of voice and character were acceptable, it was just all a little forgettable. Or did I just have high expectations because I so badly wanted a book of number 100 to be a fireworks-worthy moment? Why was I suddenly having a run of less than great reads? 

And why do I feel so underwhelmed about reaching my goal? 

When I first started this journey I could barely read a page in an hour. It was slow going, but I’ve improved my reading speed back to how I used to be before I lost, then regained, my vision. My best time was an entire novel in 3 hours- John Green’s An Abundance of Katherines. Which, while we are on the subject, is his least-decent book. Again, totally underwhelming. Anyway, back to the subject. I feel like when I started I set myself what was, at that stage, an almost-insurmountable goal. But I’ve completed the goal in only three quarters of the time I had. I’ve still got four months left to go until July/August and I feel at this stage I could easily smash out 120. Or 130. 150 would be amazing. And then, what about next year? Do I set myself an even bigger goal? How far do I take this thing? Even without a reading goal, I still know I will read just as often, so it’s not about having a motivation.

It’s about growing, and for me it’s about deciding how I want to grow next. 

Perhaps after all it wasn’t the books that were underwhelming, but my own feelings about reaching a too-easy goal. 

Does anyone have great ideas about reading list goals they’d like to share? I’d love to hear them.